5 Tips for Better PC Security

It is not easy to secure your computer when you are surrounded by prying eyes of hackers, crackers or marketing companies trying to gather your personal data for their various purposes. Security software programs have been fighting a long battle to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, adware, worms, key-loggers and all sort of other malicious programs for long. However, just relying on software is not enough. You have to be vigilant about PC security threats that exist online.

The following 5 tips will ensure that your computer stays safe online and it is better secure from internet and PC security threats.

1. Keep good quality security software installed in your computer all the time. Since security tools serve different purposes, it is actually wiser to have a couple of them installed. Also, it is a good practice to install security software right after purchasing a new PC or building a new machine.

2. Keep your operating system updated of all the critical patches. If you use a Windows based computer, you can keep automatic update checked so it regularly checks and downloads security patches and critical updates that Microsoft releases at regular intervals. Windows automatic update will even install updates for you sparing you from all the hassles and manual download and update. If you use Linux, most of the Linux distributions popularly called distros have an update manager installed by default which regularly fetches updates of installed programs from repositories. It is a good practice to update your software packages once or twice a month.

3. Make sure your antivirus and other security tools update regularly. Most of the antivirus tools keep a database of virus signatures. If they do not find a particular virus signature in their database, they will not be able to effectively deal with it. Many of the security software programs operate like this and are only as good as their latest update. Keep them updated more often.

4. Keep a watch on downloads. You don’t have to download each and every program, tool, game, utility or app to your computer. Many of the software programs installed on machines are rarely used any way. Download only what you find necessary for you and check every download with antivirus scanner. Make a habit of downloading your stuff only from trusted sources.

5. Install software carefully. Many programs disguised as freeware come bundled with extra software or adware component with them. Just because a particular game appears to be available for free download, doesn’t mean it is free. Free stuff and games are one of the main causes of PC viral infections. Children specially fall for such tricks. They end up downloading free games and install carelessly. Do not let children download and install programs. There are high chances that the games they download or play online have been infecting your computer.

Source by Raaj Sharma