Being Careful and Keeping Your Account From Being Disabled

Google AdSense is a great way to boost your income from optimized and monetized website advertisements.

With this great opportunity, Google made its AdSense policies in order to prevent any deceptive and illegal activities for a particular advertiser’s personal gain.

The Google AdSense Program Policies draws the various rules and regulations on how the publishers must work and act when using Google AdSense.

These policies will also help in giving fair grounds to every publisher so that no publisher will take advantage of the opportunities that this advertising platform provides.

It also sets limits in order to give equal opportunities to every publisher. Your responsibility as a website owner or publisher is to exert effort in keeping your account from being disabled.

Invalid activities refer to any manipulative and deceptive activity on the advertisements that is not initiated by the web visitors’ genuine interest in the ad.

Such activities are highly prohibited to be done in Google AdSense. These invalid activities include clicks on the ads by the publisher themselves to increase click rate.

It may also include the publisher asking for other people’s help in clicking the ads to increase revenue and encouraging clicks by drawing attention to the advertisements.

Google has been stern about informing publishers about not engaging in such activities. Aside from invalid clicks, there are other activities that are highly prohibited.

Be careful and take heed of the following advice to avoid the termination of an account:

  • All publishers must make sure that the ads associated with Google will never appear in any unrequested pop-ups. Purchasing traffic for your website may just contain adware.
  • As a user who benefits from Google’s services, you must be careful in using the Google trademarks. Never use any Google trademarks or logos without getting proper consent. Every publisher must respect the Google trademarks.
  • Never change the Google AdSense code. You may be great and a pro with anything regarding HTML.
  • But never assume that you can just add your own code and get away with it easily.
  • If you are new with HTML, all you have to do is to simply copy and paste the offered code. Never try to change or alter anything.

Respect the rules of Google AdSense and your fellow advertisers’ rights. By being honest with your work, everyone will have a chance to earn from Google AdSense.

Hogging all money-making opportunities by being deceptive will get you nowhere. Google will always get a way to detect any illegal activities.

Remember, once your Google AdSense account is terminated or disabled, you are not allowed to create a new one. The new account will just be disabled by Google.

Once you committed any invalid activity, you are completely banned from using the services of Google AdSense.

Google’s support page provides abundant amount of information on how to properly use and operate your account.

Reading and following it wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it would actually be highly beneficial.

By following the rules, every publisher will provide a good environment for all users.

The rules for using Google AdSense may sound strict. Every publisher, however, must keep in mind that by protecting the integrity of this program is both for your best interest and Google’s.

Source by John Paul Richards