IP Hide Service That Can Protect My Identity Online

When you are using internet on your computer, you are given a distinctive address by your internet service that is called internet protocol (IP). It is similar like a home address which can be utilized to recognize or trace you. Due to this distinctive id, your tracing as well as tracing of your other personal details can be easily done by another individual who knows very well how to do so. Therefore it is highly important that you hide your IP so that you are saved from the IP identifying thieves and hackers who can easily whip away your personal details with hacking softwares and provide a lot of trouble to you.

When an IP get hacked there are a lot of dangers revolving around the person who is hacked. The identity thieves can also cause your computer to slow down or work no more by contaminating with viruses and malwares. You can lose all of your important files and folders. Although the hackers use powerful softwares in committing these vicious carnages but now there have been developed more powerful ways to defend your personal computer from their assails.

At this point most people would be wondering whether an antivirus can be used to hide IP. Antivirus softwares are helpful to some extend because they will defend your computer from getting infected with viruses but they cannot hide your IP address when you are using the internet. The security preferences given to your by your web browser are also useless in defending your IP addresses from getting stolen.

There are two very efficient and general techniques to conceal the IP addresses. One is the hide IP software and the other one is the proxy server. Hide IP software costs money but the proxy server is a free technique. The latter technique works as an agent between your computer and the website you take trip to. By having proxy server, your IP will stay veiled on the internet and nobody can know it but the one that a proxy server contains. There are many proxy websites present on the internet that you can visit and gain access to proxy servers.

On the other hand, the hide IP softwares provide internet users more protection from the hackers. Once installed in your computer, it works from the backdrop to defend your IP address. There is no need to run it once it is installed or hide your IP repeatedly because this software is very good to do that work. As you buy this software, the manufacturer makes sure that you invest your money in the right place.

Source by Salma Owais