Remove – Trojan Horse Sheur2 – What is the Sheur 2 Trojan and How to Remove It

The Trojan Horse Sheur2 is a dangerous and harmful Trojan that infects Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 computers. If your computer constantly raises speaker beep sounds, shows “Blue Screen” and reports that the error is produced by missing dll’s, registry keys, and Windows files, or your pop-up blocker is unable to block the pornographic and gambling related bulk popups then you are sure to have Trojan Horse Sheur2 on your computer.

The Trojan Horse Sheur2 is not just one computer infection. It comes in various forms and related infections. Some related infections are: SHeur2.hsf, SHeur2.FO, SHeur2, SHeur2.AS, SHeur2.MR, SHeur2.ISU, SHeur2.BBJ, sheur2.hsd, and SHeur2.CFT

Sheur enters your computer through backdoor without your knowledge. It usually gets into your computer due to browser security holes on your computer or if you visit questionable websites such as gambling, pornography, and hacking related websites.

Once installed on your computer, it hides itself on your computer as a legal software and the will start performing its various annoyances.

It drops malicious code to your local or network computer, disables the firewall and antivirus software configured on your computer, redirects your web browser to malicious websites, downloads malicious code, slowdowns the performance of your computer considerably, slowdowns Internet connection, and forwards passwords, login names and other confidential private information from your computer to remote computers.

How To Remove Trojan Horse Sheur2

You can remove SHeur2 Trojan using and automatic removal tool or manually. To remove it manually, you need to:

1. Restart you computer Safe Mode.

2. Open Internet Explorer and clean browser history and temporary internet files.

3. Remove startup items.

4. Remove Registry entries related to SHeur2

5. Reboot your computer.

If the Trojan is still there you can try performing a System Restore to remove it. It is very difficult to remove SHeur2 manually because it re-installs itself if you have not completely removed its presence from your computer. Also it requires an expertise to handle system registry else you may end up in damaging your computer even more than it is damaged by this Trojan. It is therefore strongly recommended to use an automatic trojan Sheur removal tool to get rid of this virus from your computer.

Source by Jim Marshall