TrustedInstaller EXE Error Fix Tutorial – How To Remove The TrustedInstaller EXE Errors On Your PC

TrustedInstaller.exe is a Windows Vista-based file that is used in managing many installation modules in your PC. If you are experiencing errors in this file that are affecting various computing processes of your PC, then you need to disable TrustedInstaller.exe. This tutorial gives a detailed explanation of how you can troubleshoot TrustedInstaller.exe issues in your system.

The TrustedInstaller.exe file is used whenever your system loads up installation modules in your PC. The file can use a good amount of resources for its operation and can consume up to 100% of CPU usage in your computer. Whenever this happens, the processing speed of your PC naturally slows down quite considerably. In addition, the file has jurisdiction over how much system resources it can use (such as RAM and CPU) and many other system applications and programs can get compromised as a result. To address this problem, just follow the instructions on the paragraphs below.

The first thing you need to do when your system is encountering this type of error is to check if you have the latest Windows update or not. If not, you need to install the latest updates from Microsoft in your system immediately. Microsoft continually releases updates to Windows to fix bugs and other system errors that are inherent to the company’s operating systems. It is important that you install updates every so often to ensure that your PC will always be running smoothly. To get updates, first click on Start, then choose All Programs then select Windows Update. Finally select and download all available updates to your computer.

Another approach that you can follow when you come across this error is to clear the problem history of your computer, which is a program that Windows utilizes in recording issues or problems that your PC is experiencing. If TrustedInstaller.exe is using all the CPU resources of your computer, then you need to clear out related records in your system to free up valuable space. To do this, you should first click on Start on your Windows Bar. Next choose Control Panel, then select Problem Reports and Solutions. Afterwards click on “Clear Solution and Problem History” then follow the instructions that will be shown. Next, confirm your decision. Finally, exit the Problems Reports and Solutions Window and close Control Panel.

Other likely sources of blue screen errors like the annoying TrustedInstaller.exe error could be internal issues in your system’s registry. The registry performs a crucial function in your PC as it is where all important settings and files that Windows uses for its operation are held. It is much like a central storing house for all of your computer files, and without it your PC simply won’t function. Unfortunately, the registry is vulnerable to breakdowns and many of its files can get corrupted easily. Should this happen, your computer’s processing speed will be compromised and some files would not be loaded correctly, causing blue screen errors to occur. When your system has registry related errors, you need to use a special registry cleaning tool. This type of application can quickly fix and repair blue screen error causing issues in your registry.

Source by Greg Toddles James