What To Cheat In PotBS?

If there is a straight way to max out a character rank, then there is a way around. This is one sentence that hold true to every game. Every player strives to get everything they want, some succeed and some fail, while some decided to ascend above the rest.

These players enjoy all kinds of advantages they get from exploiting and cheating, they climb ranks faster, make gold doubloons easier and win most PvP encounters. How do they do this? They just dropped by at the right place on the Internet and learn. Where is the place? Let’s find out.

These are just a short examples of what Strategy Freaks members have learned and discussed. After boarding combat against NPC, you will always find yourself losing a lot of crew. There is a tricky way to solve that, by using right combination of running pattern and some specific skills. You will be able to pull ship captain away from the rest of the crew and kill him without sustaining too much losses.

Now, that was one example of using a skill glitch for your advantage, let’s take a look at something more fancy. If you are tired of long distance cruising, there is a program that Strategy Freaks members had been using for very long time. This program can record your ship movement and repeat the long distance cruising for you. Visit this link for more:

It is not over yet, there are more game-breaking discussions going on right now. You can take part in these discussions too. Just imagine all the benefit you can have from them. The economy size in Pirates of the Burning Sea grows rapidly. It is better to start exploiting from it early and gain initiative advantage while servers are still young.

Source by Rayford Adams